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Link Up with Dexignher


What Is It?

linkup is a chance to have Dexignher assist you with your business whether you are looking for constructive feedback in areas where you have opportunity for growth or just need some insight on everything overall.

How Long Is It?

The Start 

An initial 15 minute call to learn about your business.  This call will help us create the groundwork so that we can maximize the time during our actual linkup call(s).

The Linkup

Each linkup will consist of up to 1 hour worth of phone sessions in any variation that you prefer (four 15 minute sessions, two 30 minute sessions, or one 60 minute session).  These calls will be structured to ensure your time is utilized to its fullest potential.

The Followup

After the linkup, Dexignher will remain accessible to you via email for support for 15 days.  You will also be granted unlimited access to any of her custom Canva templates for 30 days.

Do I Qualify for a Linkup?

linkup is structured to assist individuals who already own a business and have been in operation for at least 3 months.

What Areas of my Business will you Access?

  • Website (User Friendliness, Layout)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Customer Interaction Review
  • Brand Consistency
  • Product/Service Pricing (ROI)
  • Audience Targeting
  • Standard Operating Procedures

What to Expect?

You will receive feedback with a specific plan of action for you to carry out over a specified amount of time.

What do I Need to Start?

GOALS!  To maximize on this opportunity, bring an OPEN MIND, LISTENING EARS, and KNOW YOUR BUSINESS.