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DexigniT Unlocked


What Is It?

DexigniT is the only website builder designed for the beauty industry.  The platform has templates catering to stylists, salons, hair suppliers, makeup artists, lash techs, estheticians, spas, and more!    

Why Do I Need It?

Booking apps and social media are great, but the power of both integrated into a website is what makes your business BETTER!  Legitimize your business further with a website where existing/potential clients can find your work, vendors can locate opportunities for partnerships, and so much more.

When I complete this course I will…

  • Understand how to build a website on the DexigniT platform
  • Understand how to link your StyleSeat, Acuity, Vagaro, Shedul, Setmore, & Square appointments directly to your website for booking
  • Understand website analytics to target more traffic
  • Understand how to build popups linked to MailChimp for expanding your email list
  • Understand how to sell your products and manage your orders with ease 
  • Understand how to embed your YouTube videos, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and other social networks directly onto your DexigniT website

What Do I Need to Start?

A DexigniT account.  14-Day free subscription will work for this course.

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