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Canva Unlocked


What Is It?

Canva is a easy to use graphic design tool loaded features and functionality for anyone to create a variety of engaging content.  Canva’s platform is built on drag and drop method with thousands of templates to inspire your designs.

Why Do I Need It?

Awesome graphics are a baseline requirement for producing amazing content to reach your existing and potential customers/clients.  Having an on-call graphic designer is not in every business owner’s budget; Canva is the answer!

When I complete this course I will…

  • Understand how to create fabulous designs to use on all social media platforms
  • Understand how to make logos
  • Understand how to establish a consistent branded look for your business
  • Understand how to create marketing materials for events, business cards, flyers, social media covers, and endless other designs

What Do I Need to Start?

A Canva account.  Free subscriptions will work for this course.

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